Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cherry Lime Slush

It's been super hot here in Michigan and I've been making tons of frozen drinks and smoothies. I use my Vitamix more than any other appliance in my kitchen. My family loves smoothies and there is no better way to get  kids to eat healthy than whipping it up into a fun smoothie. I won't lie though, we do enjoy a cherry limeade from Sonic from time to time and that is what inspired this healthy version on these hot days. We all loved them!! Here is a picture of mine:

It's so simple to do. Just add frozen cherries, fresh cherries, organic limeade, water and ice and blend. The amounts you use will depend on how many you are making and whether you prefer more cherry flavor or more tart lime flavor. I would start out with a small amount of the limeade as it has a very strong flavor you can always go back and some more.  You can also throw any leftover mix into a popsicle mold for some future treats. And if you are having a party for the adults you could add some vodka too ;)

Hope where ever you live you are staying cool!!

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