Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eat Cleaner in 2012! Giveaway too!

With all the recent food scares and the growing use of pesticides it feels like it's not even safe to give your family fruits and veggies anymore! I try to buy organic when I can but let's face it it can be expensive and it's not always easy to find what you need. I started looking for ways I could make sure the healthy foods I was putting in our meals were actually healthy and I needed to do it in a economical and earth friendly way. That's when I found Eat Cleaner products.

Eat Cleaner is company that was started by a mom who shares my sames concerns for her family. So she designed a safe all natural product that will get all the gunk like wax, pesticide residue and other bacteria off your foods. And not only does it make safer for your family it also makes your food last longer!! And they stand behind their products 100% so you can try them without worry!!

I personally did my own test using an apple. I washed the apple with the Eat Cleaner produce wash and could tell the difference right way. I then cut the apple and sprayed half with the produce wash and left the other half as is. The next morning the apple that had Eat Cleaner on it was almost as perfect as when I cut it and the other side was getting brown and my family would have never touched it! I left it the rest of the day and even after almost 24 hours of siting on my counter the apple half that was treated was barely browning and my daughter happily ate it, while the other half she declared was gross! Here is a photo of the apple test as conducted by Eat Cleaner.

Eat Cleaner is also Made in the USA and has FDA approved ingredients that are safe for the whole family. They are made with a natural blend of plant-based ingredients including Citric Acid, which naturally occurs in most fruits and vegetables.Other ingredients include Sodium Citrate, a citric acid salt, Calcium Ascorbate, an antioxident that helps prolong shelf life, Sea Salt, a natural preservative and anti-bacterial, and Vegetable Glycerin. 

Needless to say I am sold on this product and have been using it for a few months now and am still very happy with it. I will continue to purchase and use this product for my family. And I hope you will try out there products as well!

Now on to the best part- A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

The wonderful folks at Eat Cleaner want you to try their product so they have given me a great travel size pack, yes they even have a travel pack for safe food on the go, to give away to one lucky reader. Here are the things Eat Cleaner would like you do in order to win. After doing each one make sure you leave a separate comment for each thing and an email so I can contact you should you win. Contest will end Feb. 14th at noon.US residents only.

Entry Requirements:

Follow Eat Cleaner on Facebook

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Sign up for the Cleaner Plate Club newsletter and you'll also get 25% your first order!!

Watch this video and answer the following questions:

On average how many hands touch your food before you do?
Name 2 reasons why washing with Eat Cleaner is better than washing with water.

And as always like One Cool Lunch on Facebook for an entry as well. If you already do that counts too!

*** I was given a sample of this product to review and one to use for a giveaway. All views presented are solely mine and I was in no way told what to say in my review**

Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's hard to believe that it's 2012 already and January is nearly half over! I have been crazy busy with the holidays and computer issues!! Now that the holidays are over and my computer issues seem to be resolved I can get back to posting! I am already looking ahead to Valentine's day and wanted to share one of my daughters favorite treats. They are super cute and so easy in fact, my daughter usually does most of the work, I always seem to get stuck with the clean up though!

Chocolate covered marshmallows! These are always a kid favorite and the best thing is you can do them a million different ways! The ones above are completely dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkles and are on a stick. Of course you could do less chocolate and sprinkles and no stick as well. It's totally up to you! No matter how you do them they are always yummy and super easy.

Here's what you need:

Bag of marshmallows( strawberry ones always make a fun surprise inside)
Chocolate candy coating ( I like Merckens, but use what you have or like best) any flavor, dark, milk or white.
Sprinkles, nuts, graham crackers. Anything you want to dip it in
Sucker sticks are optional but do make dipping easier.

Melt your chocolate. Once chocolate is melted dip the end of the sucker stick into the chocolate and then into your marshmallow. If you are not using sticks you can skip that step of course. Once the chocolate has set up on the stick you can dip the marshmallow into your chocolate either all the way or part way. Next dip it into the sprinkles or other topping you chose. Then I use a piece of Styrofoam to use to place my sticks into while the coating dries, you could also use wax paper to sit them on. Once the chocolate has harden you can store in an airtight container.  

And that's it. Instant super cute, fun and tasty treat. Let your kids do them. They will have a blast!! And they make a fun surprise in their lunch boxes too :)