Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yesterday I made this cat and mouse lunch for my daughter. The mice are one of her favorite fun things that I make.  And they are super easy!! 
You Need:
Mini Choc Chips
Choc. Chips
Red or Black licorice laces

First hull your strawberries and cut in half. Use mini chips for the eyes and nose and large chips for the ears. You can also use jumbo sprinkles in heart or confetti shapes. I used heart ones for the ears in the lunch above. Next cut  apiece of the licorice string and make a tail. I try to stick the licorice into the strawberry to keep it secure but you can also just simply sit the strawberry on top.  Strawberries and choc. chips also make great ladybugs as well. And since I know everyone will ask the lunchbox is a My Square Meal box .


  1. So Cute!! Where did you find the edible markers?

  2. Sugar Art in Romeo. They are Americolor ones. I found those to be the best. You can find them on Amazon as well.

  3. Hello Jennifer,
    Where do I buy the awesome compartmental lunch containers that you have?? My email is dapperhouse@gmail if you get a chance I would LOVE to know THANKS!
    You must have been born in the 70's since your name is Jennifer...there were 10 in my kindergarten class and there are 3 on my small street! + 5 more in my area that I am friends with...we are all 40- ish.
    Thanks again.

  4. DUH...I was just reading more of your blog and found the "where do I get" post...I will go on the bento site and look around.