Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goodbyn Bynto Review

When the great folks at Goodbyn asked me to do a review of their new smaller version the Bynto I was obviously very excited!  I have a Goodbyn original already and have been pretty happy with it. The only downside was sometimes it was just too big for our needs. The Bynto looked like a great alternative for days when we didn't need so much space.

First let me tell you a little about Goodbyn. They are made in the USA and we all know how important that is and how hard it is to find products made here. They are free of BPA and Phthalates, so they are safe for you and your children. They are 100% recyclable and help you create a waste free lunch which is good for the Earth! And last, but most important to busy moms, they are top drawer dishwasher safe ;)

For my review I received a strawberry colored Bynto, a large ice pack and a pack of limited edition stickers as seen here:

All Goodbyns will come with stickers to decorate your Byn and the Byns come in a variety of colors and with or without ears too. The stickers pictured here are in addition to the ones that already come with your Bynto. Goodbyn offers additional packs of stickers by different artists and you can check them out here . The stickers are also dishwasher safe as well, bonus! My daughter loved decorating her Bynto, and we had more than enough stickers to do so and you can even use the stickers on other containers or water bottles you may have. I like that you can create your own personal lunch box style! Here is my daughter's Bynto.

Next it was time to pack a lunch. The Bynto also comes with it's own water bottle so you don't have to worry about that either. I found the Bynto to be a good size for my daughters lunch. Wasn't too big but wasn't too small. It might be too small for older kids but for lower elementary it seems to be a good size. The key to the Bynto is making sure you the top on tightly. Do a few practice runs with your child and they will be an old pro after just a couple times. The Bynto is not leak-proof so you wouldn't want to try putting soup in there! But it does seal nicely and I have never had a leaking problem if the lid was on correctly. Here are a couple we did.

Goodbyn does not make an insulated bag for their products, yet. But I have heard they are working on it and hope to have one out in 2012. I use bags that I already have on hand. The Goodbyn  ice pack was very nice quality and only filled with water so it is safe to use in your lunch. It was the perfect size for the Bynto.

If you would like a Goodbyn original or a Bynto  you can purchase one for yourself from the Goodbyn Store or you can look for a retailer new you. I know in my neck of the woods Whole Foods carries them. You can also "check out the Goodbyn  Facebook page too!

*This is not a paid post. I received a Goodbyn Bynto for the purpose of review. All opinions and ideas expressed are my own. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.*


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